ARTEM Company is the leading enterprise of the aircraft industry of Ukraine and the former USSR countries in the production of air-to-air guided missiles which are in the armory of fighters like MiG-29, MiG-35, Su-27, Su-30, Su-32, Su-33, Su-34, Su-35 and their modifications as well as aeronautical units, devices and equipment for airplanes and helicopters manufactured by CIS countries.

By the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 1228 dd. 12 Jul 1999, the Company has been granted all necessary licenses and governmental approval for direct sales of special purpose and defence-related items of its own product range.

ARTEM Company manufactures and exports:

  • R-27 and R-27E series medium- and extended-range air-to-air guided missiles of different modifications;
  • unguided aircraft rocket RS-80 with shaped-charge fragmentation warhead;
  • antitank guided missiles of various caliber (100mm, 120mm and 125mm);
  • system GURT and GURT-M — ground automatic test equipment designed for on-site preparation and maintenance of air-launched guided weapons in field conditions or stationary bases.

The GURT and GURT-M means of automatic parameters control and technical status evaluation of guided weapons ensure the testing of all aviation missiles and bombs with various guidance systems: radar, IR, laser, TV etc.

The Company produces the following equipment that can be fitted on different types of fixed and rotary wing aircraft:

  • airborne launchers for suspension, carriage and launching of missiles;
  • ejector racks for suspension, carriage and release of bombs, containers and fuel tanks;
  • locks for drag parachute fixing and release;
  • chaff/flare dispencers that are used against missiles equipped with IR and radar seekers;
  • electric mechanisms for the remote control of aircraft devices and units;
  • aircraft motors;
  • electromagnetic switching contactors;
  • ammunition/rounds counters and airborne fire control devices.

The Company also performs maintenance, warranty and post-warranty servicing of items.

Special works including assessment of missile technical status followed by its dismantling into component parts.

The works are carried out at the Customer's or Manufacturer's base, drawing up the technical inspection report and list of spare parts required for missiles reconditioning.

All technical problems emerging during the process of refurbishment are duly tackled and resolved.

All spare parts (components, units, assemblies, cables, and pneumatic hoses) required for reconditioning of missiles and test equipment will be supplied.

The works are completed by drawing up the official acceptance statement.

The cost of works, spare parts, terms and conditions of the Artem company specialists business trips are stipulated by contracts.


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152 mm shells

Testing RS-80

Production of shells